Fire, Flood, Storm Damage Restoration – Downriver, Mi

Sometimes unexpected things happen which can damage your home, such as when you have fire or flood damage.  Sometimes such destruction can be triggered by a storm in which lightning sparks a fire or excessive rain leads to a flood.  Then, too, heavy winds might cause some destruction, leaving broken windows, caved in walls, and a loss of roofing shingles.  Also, any water damage that remains after flooding can lead to mold.

Whatever the damage, a home restoration specialist can help to repair your house, and often an insurance agent or adjuster will want you to make these repairs to keep down the cost of an insurance claim.  It’s important to bring in a professional, because often the obvious damages aren’t the only ones.

For example, if you have experienced fire damage, the areas that don’t seem to be affected by the fire could be damaged.  This can happen, because the smoke from a fire can penetrate deep within the structure, resulting in structural damages, such as to ducts and beams, as well as leave a lasting smoke odor.  Likewise, any water from a flood can seep into the walls, floors, or foundations, and lead to mold growth, which can cause continuing rot, much like a termite infestation can grow and destroy any wood in your home, if left untreated.

In the Downriver, Michigan area, a company you can call to help you in repairing any damages to your home is Home Restoration at

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