Ice damage Repair in Downriver Michigan

Snow and ice can create a beautiful winter wonderland look.  However, snow and ice can create a great deal of damage if you don’t respond quickly to clear out the snow and ice that accumulates on your house.


One type of snow and ice damage occurs when a big snowfall drops a lot of snow on your roof, which may later turn to ice if it is very cold.  But whether it’s snow or ice, the build-up on your roof can cause it to collapse.  While the snow caps can look quite charming, snow is very heavy, and its weight increases even more when you add in rain, ice and sleet to the mix.  For example, if you have two feet of snow on your house, that’s about 19 tons, and the weight is even greater when rain and cold weather turns that frosty snow into glistening ice.


Another type of damage can occur when you have icicles, also known as “ice dams.”  When ice forms into these drips, it can also be very beautiful.  But beneath the frozen beauty is a disaster waiting to happen.  These ice dams form underneath your shingles when the temperature drops, usually at night.  Then, as these dams grow, they can scar your room like a moving glacier creates crevices in the earth.


The next deadly step occurs when the sun comes out and warms the ice under the shingles, so the water drips into your house.  As this water continues to accumulate, you’ll begin to see it in the ceiling or a wall in the form of a stain or bubble.  Should you see that happen, immediately take steps to remove the ice dam and install a new ice and water shield to keep more water from coming into your home with the next snow storm and ice melt.


Since it can be hard to know what to do yourself when you experience ice damage, a professional can help. For example, if you are in the Downriver, Michigan Area, including in Grosse Ile, Trenton, or Taylor, Michigan, Home Restoration  can help you fix the problem.

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