Got Water? Repair all your flood damage in Downriver Mi

Flooding is the #1 natural disaster in the world

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), flooding is the most common type of natural disaster worldwide, accounting for 40% of all natural disasters.  Whether you’re living in Houston, Texas, or Grosse Ile, Michigan…every one of us is susceptible to the damage caused by heavy rains and flooding. Floods, big or small, can have a devastating impact on your home and your family.  If you happen to be the victim of a flood, you need help, and fast.  After you call 911, the next call should be to Home Restoration Professionals – they will respond within 30 minutes to your phone call for assistance with flood damage.  Serving the Downriver area including Grosse Ile, Michigan, their experts not only offer free estimates, they also work with your insurance company to speed up claims processing.

Get rid of unwanted water and mold

Home Restoration Professionals get to work quickly to minimize water damage and help restore your property to its original condition.  Their licensed and insured team of professionals possesses both the expertise and equipment needed to remove excess water caused by flooding, quickly and efficiently.  Once water is removed, they disinfect and deodorize the affected areas so that everything smells fresh and clean, leaving no trace of flooding, like it never even happened.

Water damage can often produce mold, a potentially life-threatening health hazard to you, your loved ones, and pets.  Home Restoration Professionals remove mold quickly and safely, whether you have a basement, bedroom, or entire house affected.

Helping you weather a storm

When a storm hits, such as a blizzard, tornado, hurricane, or flood, they often leave destruction in their wake.  The last thing you want to worry about is how to properly file a flood damage claim or how to clean up a room overflowing with water and mold.  The Home Restoration Disaster Recovery Team at Home Restoration Professionals is available 24/7 to provide emergency assistance and help avoid costly damages.

Home Restoration Professionals, located in Flat Rock, Michigan, serves the entire Downriver area including Grosse Ile.  Besides being the experts in flood damage repair, they also provide assistance with smoke and fire damage.  They pride themselves on offering personalized, individual assistance to every customer in distress.  For more information, call 1-734-619-7610, visit their website at, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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