What do you do when you are left with the aftermath of a flood or fire in Wyandotte, Michigan?

When an emergency strikes, such as a flood or fire in your home, the first order of business is making sure everyone gets out of the house quickly and safely.  Once that has been accomplished, and the emergency is over, it is time to survey the damage and figure out a way to clean up and salvage what has been left behind.  During times like these, it can be hard to focus on a plan and solution to remedy the problem and deal with the damage caused by such disasters.  Of course it always makes sense to be proactive, and have a plan at the ready in case of an emergency, but if you don’t, it is good to know there are companies out there that specialize in assessing homes that have been hit by flood or fires.  If you live in the Downriver, Michigan area, in a city such as Wyandotte, the best place to turn to is Home Restoration Professionals.

Benefits of calling an experienced restoration company

 When your home has been adversely hit by the effects of Mother Nature, in the form of wind, smoke, or mold, it is best to leave cleanup to the professionals.  The experts at Home Restoration Professionals are experienced in cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting areas that have been damaged by a fire or flood.   Performing such a cleanup requires trained professionals and high-tech equipment – in other words, this is not a “do it yourself” job for the homeowner.  Areas affected by wind, smoke, and mold can be highly dangerous and toxic, and require the utmost care and expertise in the removal process.

Homeowners who want to protect their property and salvage as much as possible benefit from calling a company such as Home Restoration Professionals.  Here are just a few benefits of a trained restoration team:

  • 30 minute response – When you call Home Restoration Professionals, they make sure you are their #1 priority, and guarantee they will arrive at your home in 30 minutes or less.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – You can call Home Restoration Professionals any time, day or night.  A trained restoration expert is always available to take your call and handle your home restoration needs.
  • Licensed and insured – As a homeowner, you will have peace of mind knowing every employee at Home Restoration Professionals is licensed and insured.
  • Insurance company friendly – The experts at Home Restoration Professionals work with your insurance company from the start, so you don’t have to – they take the worry away by filling out all necessary paperwork and processing your claim as quickly as possible.
  • Highly experienced – The team at Home Restoration Professionals have more than 20 years of experience responding to homeowners following emergencies such as floods and fires.

Smoke and mold and water, oh my!

As a homeowner, you do not want to jeopardize the health of you or your loved ones by risking exposure to the after effects of smoke, mold, and water.  Elements such as mold can cause adverse health effects or property damage.  According to Wikipedia, mold is defined as “A fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae.  Molds cause biodegradation of natural materials, which can be unwanted when it becomes food spoilage or damage to property.”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mold

The experts at Home Restoration Professionals arrive at your home prepared with the proper uniforms and equipment needed to clean and sanitize any damaged areas.  For more information on some of the steps they take once they arrive at your home, visit https://downriverrestoration.com/ and click on the “Services” tab.

Don’t delay, call now

If you live anywhere in the Downriver area in a city such as Wyandotte, Michigan, Home Restoration Professionals is the #1 place to call in the event of a flood or fire at your home.  To schedule a free estimate, call 1-734-619-7610, visit their website at https://downriverrestoration.com/, Like” their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

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