Free mold inspection Downriver Michigan

Free mold inspection Downriver Michigan

Now that the weather is getting colder, windows are closed and doors are often shut. Enclosed areas are perfect breeding grounds for mold, especially if they are moist. That’s why it is a good idea to call Downriver Cleanup & Restoration for a free mold inspection. Our mold removal technicians specialize in identifying and removing mold and mildew from your commercial or residential property. If you live in Downriver, Michigan, you need only call the best if you are concerned mold is a problem at your home or business. Our Certified Mold Inspectors will survey your property carefully, and using specialized mold detector equipment, can quickly assess everything to determine if mold removal services are needed. Here’s what you can inspect:

• Downriver Cleanup & Restoration’s Certified Mold Inspectors will gather air and surface samples.
• A detailed report will be presented to you regarding the presence of mold or other bacterial organisms.
• If mold is identified, a course of action will be recommended in order to protect your property and health.

Mold and other bacterial growths can grow quickly in homes and businesses, especially after water damage has occurred. By calling Downriver Cleanup & Restoration, you will be taking a proactive step toward eradicating these toxic organisms. Our company has been certified by the IICRC to safely assess and remove mold from commercial and residential properties. We use high-tech tools and materials to detect even the smallest amount of mold growth. Many people living in Downriver, Michigan experienced heavy flooding these past few months. In some cases, the job of cleaning and drying basements was too overwhelming for untrained, uncertified home or business owners. As a result, a good amount of mold still remains in many homes. Why take the risk when you don’t have to? Our highly skilled professionals will arrive at your home within 30 minutes to conduct a no-obligation mold inspection. We’ve been ranked #1 Downriver in Emergency Mold Removal.

We can not only remove water and mold from your basement, we now also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Most people simply don’t have the knowledge or equipment needed to thoroughly clean furniture or carpet, but we do. We will eliminate water damage, dry all areas, sanitize, and deodorize all your upholstered valuables and carpeting.

In addition to mold removal, we also perform mold remediation, smoke removal, fire damage removal, and water removal from Downriver properties. We also recently opened a 24/ Insurance Claims Center to assist you with processing a homeowner, business owner, or FEMA insurance claim.

There’s no reason to chance exposure to mold when you can call Downriver Cleanup & Restoration to handle the problem. Call us today at 734-619-7610 and inquire about your free mold inspection. Visit our website at for more information, and don’t forget to “friend” us on Facebook.