Flooding in Gibraltar Michigan

Flooding in Gibraltar Michigan


The city of Gibraltar is home to a significant number of natural resources, including a network of more than 5 miles of canals, wetlands and streams.   Gibraltar has a longstanding reputation and takes pride in the conservation of easements protecting certain vacant property, large tract ownership by single owners, and numerous natural features that arise due to Gibraltar’s close proximity to the Detroit River and Lake Erie. The city itself actually sits between the Detroit River and Lake Erie.

With its many canals bisecting the city and its four islands with residences, the mainland portion of Gibraltar is a mix of commercial and industrial space, residential units, senior housing and apartment complexes.  In addition, more than half of all the land is vacant due to easements and conservation efforts.

The topography of Gibraltar is generally considered to be level.  That is to say, there are no areas of marked elevation within the city.  Horse Island lies below the flood plain with an elevation of 577 feet above sea level.  Regardless, Gibraltar has experienced severe flooding over the years due to its being surrounded by water.  Sewer and drain backup are also water related damage that occurs often due to excessive rain, snow and wind.

The City of Gibraltar has on many occasions provided extensive information to its residents and business owners regarding Flood Insurance Reform as well as offered assistance with financial relief.  The actual cleanup process though is something the homeowner or business owner is left to work thru.   Professional help with cleanup and salvaging property and valuables is imperative in a timely manner.

Downriver Cleanup & Restoration services all the downriver communities 24/7.   The Response Team at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration prides itself in getting to you within 30 minutes of your call.  Many people think they can cleanup from water and flood damage themselves to save time and money.  This is not the case.  Experts and trained individuals assess the occurrence of flood or other water damage to minimize the loss of your property as well as to cleanup the damage in an efficient, thorough and timely manner.  They are able to assess whether property can be salvaged and often restored or if replacement is necessary.

Coordination with your insurance company is another good reason to work with the experts to expedite the insurance claims process.  Though the City has helped its residents and business owners with awareness of various Flood Insurance Reform and Federal Flood Emergency assistance, it is still a hardship to work through.