Mold is actually present in almost all indoor environments.  This is because ‘indoor’ by definition suggests a type of enclosure or space that is closed in; and, mold is present where there is more moisture or humidity in comparison to open free moving air where drying can take place.

Commercial buildings often fall prey to mold.  These structures include office buildings, warehouses, retail space, restaurants, fitness facilities and the list goes on.  These are usually bigger structures with a lot of rooms, in the case of an office building or many specialized rooms, in the case of a fitness facility.  Regardless, they are public buildings.

If you, your employees or customers smell or see mold, mold has probably been present for a while.  Call Downriver Cleanup & Restoration immediately at 734-619-7610 for a complimentary inspection.  We are located in the downriver area of Michigan but render our services to all of Monroe and Wayne County.  We have been bringing clean air and safe workspace to our customers for over 20 years.

We are a professional cleanup and restoration company certified with IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.  This organization is a non-profit entity which sets the standards for inspection, cleaning and the restoration industries.  Review their website at

Don’t try to clean up mold yourself.  It can be problematic as it is known to spread on surfaces and into the air.  Mold can ‘appear’ to be gone in some cases by wiping it up; however, once the spores get into the air, they reproduce and spread.  So in effect, it is just being moved around and even sent into the air, sometimes rapidly, when the intention is to get rid of it.

Mold is very harmful when breathed in for an extended period of time.  It definitely causes as well as aggravates health conditions.  Mold is simply unsafe by its very nature.  It is important to engage mold removal and remediation specialists who are trained and experienced.

As your professional contact to a healthful business environment, we recommend the following:

  • We recommend regular maintenance inside your business. This includes vacuuming, cleaning and checking for water damage on a regular basis.  A certified technician for cleaning projects at regular intervals will help not only extend the life of flooring and upholstered furniture, but it will insure a healthful work environment for your employees and customers.  Call us to clean your carpets and upholstery at least bi-annually.  Prevention is always your first line defense.
  • If you suspect mold is present, don’t wait, call us 24/7, all year-round at 734-619-7610. We will react within the hour to get one of our fully insured and certified technicians to your business. They will inspect the premises to determine the source of the mold and will write a detailed evaluation and make recommendations for its remediation and removal.
  • If removal and remediation is necessary, we will get to work immediately to correct the problem in a quick and efficient way. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced at ridding your air and physical space of contaminates that compromise not only you and your employees’ health but also the health of your business.  Bad news travels fast.  Don’t let the word get out that your commercial space is molded.
  • We are also highly qualified and experienced at responding to emergency situations as a result of flooding, fire and storms. We can have a team of cleanup and restoration technicians to your business in as little as 30 minutes.

Our #1 goal at Downriver Cleanup and Restoration is to make your commercial air and space safe for you and anyone who enters it.  Our reputation depends on it.  Review our website for more detailed information at