When water or moisture is discovered in a place or space in your home or business unexpectedly, immediate action is required.  The scope of the water damage is likely to increase exponentially as the moisture seeps further into your property.  This is an emergency water damage situation from our standpoint at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration.


We are a #1 rated cleanup & restoration company servicing all cities in the Wayne County, Michigan region.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.  At Downriver Cleanup & Restoration, we appreciate how stressful water damage can be.  Our cleanup & restoration specialists are available to assist you throughout the process.


Someone is always available to take your call.  When you need emergency water damage services, call us at 734-619-7610.  We will have a team of water removal experts to your home or business within the hour.  It is crucial to start emergency water removal as soon as possible.


It may be necessary or advisable to move or remove possessions from your property to facilitate water removal and to minimize damage.  We will work with you to do this in as quick, efficient and cost-effective way as possible.   Our goal is to keep you and your property safe throughout the process.


Our services for water, flood cleanup, repair and restoration include a four-step process:


  1. Extraction – We use special vacuums and equipment that is safe in water to remove excess standing water.
  2. Drying – Even though we remove water and moisture, drying is needed. We use fans and other dehumidifying equipment to move the air and cause effective drying in the affected area.
  3. Repair – After the removal and drying is complete, we will assess if repair is necessary. With your approval we will get to work with repairs.
  4. Restoration – Flooring, walls, drywall … that is not repairable may need to be replaced. Again, with your approval, we will restore your property to ‘like new’ condition.


The occurrence of water or moisture in an emergency situation can often be from:

  • Plumbing issues that include frozen pipes, broken pipes …
  • Storms or weather related issues
  • Sump pump failures
  • Sewer back-up
  • Roof leaks, and
  • Ice dams


We have you covered in all situations.  Our cleanup & restoration professionals have extensive training in addition to industry required certifications.  Our specialists are IICRC certified.  This is a Standards Developing Organization (SDO) for inspection, cleaning and restoration industries.   Refer to their website for more information http://www.iicrc.org.


Be aware of your property throughout high storm and inclement weather conditions.  Weather is the number one cause for most water damage in residential homes and in commercial and industrial buildings.  At Downriver Cleanup & Restoration, we feel “time is of the essence”.   Call us immediately when you suspect or see excess water or moisture at 734-619-7610.  In the meantime, review our website at https://www.downriverrestoration.com.