Your residential home and commercial business property have crawl spaces as part of their structure.  The crawl space is a space below the first floor or basement; it can be the small space just below the roof and in commercial buildings it is the narrow space between the walls.  The purpose and usage of crawl space is for access to pipes, electrical wiring and in some cases, storage.


Crawl space should be maintained and serviced regularly and treated just like any other important system of your home or commercial business.  In the case of the crawl space being at the foundation level, moisture and water damage can result in mold growth.


Air quality of the floor above the crawl space usually results in a musty odor and the flooring may be compromised and potentially rotted.  These initial signs of mold may spread throughout your home or business if not addressed.


Downriver Cleanup & Restoration is downriver Michigan’s #1 rated professional mold removal and remediation services company year after year.  We are a family-owned business that has earned the trust of the community for more than two decades.


We service residential and commercial property owners in Allen Park, Dearborn Heights, Melvindale, Southgate and Lincoln Park to name a few of the cities in southeast Michigan and the downriver region.  We are local, your neighbor, not a huge chain with no presence in the community.  Call us for an appointment today 734-619-7610.


We recommend the following for all residential and commercial property owners annually:


  1. Inspection of your home or business property by a professional, certified environmental and air quality specialist. We will inspect the interior and exterior of your property for signs of moisture, water and odor from the same.


Our inspection is free and comes with a written evaluation.  Our technicians are all licensed and IICRC certified.  Review their website at


  1. If mold is present, we will get to work to remediate the situation. Our specialists are available 24/7.  Mold removal is a serious task.  A team of specialists will quickly and safely contain and cleanup the mold.  They are experienced and trained in cutting edge technology for mold removal and remediation.


  1. Prevention is important once the mold has been removed and the area cleaned up. Let us seal and winterize the crawl space so that the problem does not recur.  Our technicians can air seal and insulate the space.  This will improve the comfort of your home and result in energy efficiency throughout the year.


Mold in the crawl spaces of your home or business can be the start of health issues from poor air quality to structural damage from the potential rotting that can result.  Call us at 734-619-7610 or visit our website  to schedule an inspection and free evaluation.


Friendly, personal service is important to us at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration.   Someone is always available, and we make the process quick and easy.