The need for water cleanup services is often the result of an untimely or unexpected disaster in your home or business.  Plumbing issues, roofing leaks, and water leakage or accumulation in basements, attics and crawlspaces due to inclement weather, are all examples of common occurrences that result in water getting into a space or place in your home or commercial property.  Regardless, professional help in mitigating the cleanup process is not only recommended but necessary.


Every customer’s need for water cleanup services is important to us at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration.  Our continued focus of providing quality home and commercial cleanup and restoration services for more than two decades has garnered us our #1 rating year after year in downriver and southeastern Michigan.  This includes communities in Allen Park, Southgate, Brownstown and Riverview to name a few.


Water damage happens quickly.  When left unattended or removed in an untimely manner…


  1. Rugs and flooring get soaked
  2. Walls are easily damaged as water wicks upward
  3. Flooring starts to warp
  4. And, furniture and property on the wet surface is at risk of damage


Shop vacuums or companies with only carpet drying equipment only prolong water damage.  We stay current with the times when it comes to cutting edge equipment, cleaners and water mitigating processes.  Call us at 734-619-7610 as soon as you suspect water has gotten where it should not be.  Our response time is the best in our industry.


Within the hour, a team of certified and licensed technicians will be on site to remove water safely and quickly.  If restoration is needed such as drying and sanitizing the area affected, we will take care of this work. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.


The first step is to contact us at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration.  We can be reached at 734-619-7610 all day, every day, 24/7.  Or, contact us thru our website at https://www.downriverrestoration.com.  The process from there is as follows:


  • A crew of highly qualified, professional technicians will be on site within the hour.
  • A free inspection of the affected and surrounding area will take place.
  • A written estimate will be prepared and reviewed with you.
  • With your approval, our technicians go to work cleaning up the affected area.


Again, we know how important it is to act quickly when you are in need of water cleanup services.  You can rely on us to give you the best service with the highest level of quality.  We stand behind all our work.  There are no hidden costs.  When you need professional, quick water cleanup services in Allen Park, Michigan, call Downriver Cleanup & Restoration.