SEWAGE REMOVAL Downriver, Michigan  

SEWAGE REMOVAL  Downriver, Michigan   


When a disaster strikes affecting your home or business, it is wise to have a recovery plan in place for your property.  And, what if the disaster is larger in magnitude than you could ever have expected like flooding that results in sewage in your home or business.   Comprehensive emergency services are required for sewage removal immediately.

Welcome to Downriver Cleanup & Restoration, downriver Michigan’s top-rated cleanup and restoration company for over 20 years and counting.  We rebuild homes and businesses to like-new condition so that the inconvenience and disruption to you is minimized.  Keep our contact information on hand, 734-619-7610 and http:///  We are available 24/7 everyday throughout the year.

Sewage that is backed up is not only a mess and one that risks damage to your property, it presents opportunity for serious health risks.  When handled promptly and professionally by getting the area affected cleaned and dried, your property and belongings can be salvaged and damage minimized.

Sewage damage is not like other types of flooding and water damage.  The water carrying sewage often contains toxins that cause discoloration and sewage related odors.  If not properly cleaned and sanitized, you can be looking at potential health issues as a result of bacteria left behind from contaminated water and sewage.  When handled promptly and professionally, damage to your property and health related issues can be minimized if not eliminated.

Our IICRC, certified technicians undergo continuous training so that they can utilize the newest and most up-to-date techniques, products and equipment the industry has to offer.  We will assist you every step of the way, making the cleanup and restoration process as simple and complete as possible and on a timely basis.  Please visit the IICRC website and familiarize yourself with the importance of hiring only qualified technicians for cleanup and restoration services for disasters related to sewage removal

Our fully licensed, bonded and certified technicians are available for all projects requiring timely and efficient response to some of life’s greatest property related disasters.  Our expertise is expansive and covers all of the following types of disasters to your home or commercial property related to:

  • Water
  • Flooding
  • Fire/Smoke
  • Wind/Storm
  • Sewage Damage
  • Emergency Services
  • Contents & Cleaning
  • Construction, Boarding & Remodeling

All projects are important to us.  We are a local company and treat your property as if it were our own.  Please do not hesitate to call us at 734-619-7610.

At Downriver Cleanup & Restoration, we have vast experience, professional and friendly staff and quick service all at competitive rates.  Whether you need a little or a lot of help, consider us a partner in all cleanup and restoration related projects.  We are downriver Michigan’s best!!