WATER DAMAGE in Michigan

Not everyone has experienced water damage in their home or business.  It may be hard to imagine, and you may even not want to think that it can happen.  The reality is, however, water damage is very common.  And, water damage is not really a ‘seasonal’ problem.


Welcome to Downriver Restoration, downriver Michigan’s #1 rated cleanup and restoration company year after year for more than two decades.  With hundreds of cleanup and restoration projects behind us, we can say no one does it better than us.


Responsive, friendly, courteous, professional, thorough and efficient are words our customers often use to describe our staff and service.  We know timing is of the essence when you have water in your home or business property unexpectedly.  It does not take long for water to spread and damage your personal property.


Keep our contact information close just as you would the Fire or Police Department.  We can be reached 24/7, all year-round at 734-619-7610, or send us an email from our ‘Contact’ page at https://www.downriverrestoration.com.  We will be on site within the hour or less of receiving your emergency call, guaranteed.


There is never a convenient time to have water damage.  We employee and contract only IICRC certified technicians (refer to http://iicrc.org for certification details and requirements).  We use only the most up-to-date, state-of-the art equipment to extract and dry the affected area.


Downriver Restoration does the job right the first time.  We use the most effective cleaning products to cleanup the affected area. Protecting you, your family, employees and property is our priority.


Water damage can occur any time of year and the result of various situations. For example, consider some of the following:


  • Weather related issues
  • Broken pipes, plumbing issues
  • Leaky, damaged roofing
  • Basement flooding


Water damage often is the result of inclement weather.  Rain and snowstorms are major culprits that can cause excess water around the exterior of your home or business foundation.  Rain and snowstorms with high winds can also cause problems.


Weather related water damage requires emergency service.  Call us anytime day or night 734-619-7610.  Someone is always available.


Water damage from broken pipes or plumbing gone wrong is not unusual.  Subzero weather can cause pipes to burst.  Old plumbing can cause water leaks and other unexpected water leaks.  Regardless of the cause, we can cleanup from plumbing related issues and restore the area to like new condition.


Water damage resulting from a leaky, damaged roof is common.  Roof leaks can go undetected for a long time.  Visual signs of mold and odors resulting from mold are signs that your roof has been leaking for some time.  We are experts at mold remediation and removal.


Again, call us at the first sign of mold.  We will send a team of mold remediation professionals immediately.  Our team will inspect both interior and exterior walls and roofing.  Finding the source of water leakage is imperative.  Water damage experts from Downriver Restoration will find the source and evaluate a resolution quickly and effectively.


Water damage from flooding is probably the easiest to see and requires immediate attention.  Any amount of water from flooding can cause serious damage.  Let our professionals extract the water quickly with our state-of-the-art equipment.  Drying the area thoroughly and cleaning the area must be done quickly as well.  None of these projects are of the do-it-yourself category.


Our office staff is experienced at working with insurance companies.  We will assist in filing claims.  Relieving our customers at a time of hardship with a convenient, quick process is important to us.


Expect the unexpected by having our contact information in your phone or computer database.  It just makes sense to be ready to react when water unexpectedly invades your home or business property.  Call Downriver Restoration for any and all water damage in Michigan at 734-619-7610 anytime.