Flooded basement Trenton MI

Flooded basement Trenton MI

Flooded basement Trenton MI


There are many different ways your home can flood, as a result of heavy rainfall, a plumbing leak, faulty roof, and in some cases a snow or ice storm. If you’re dealing with a flooded basement in Trenton MI the place to call is Downriver Cleanup & Restoration. This credible business specializes in removing excess water (known as water mitigation), as well as drying and sanitizing any affected surfaces. Water from a flood that lingers too long becomes a breeding ground for hazardous bacteria and mold. This is turn, can lead to health problems especially for those affected with asthma and other lung issues. So it’s imperative that you call a licensed, insured water removal contractor as soon as possible to take care of the problem.

We will arrive at your home in about a half an hour, as we recognize the urgent need for our services in an emergency situation. As an IICRC certified business, we follow industry-driven standards when we conduct any water removal process, including:

1)    Performing a basement inspection to determine how much water is present.

2)    Using high-tech equipment, we immediately remove all excess water using a powerful extraction system.

3)    If you have stains, debris, and bad smells on your carpet and/or upholstery, we can remove all impacted areas using a deep-cleaning tool.

4)    Lastly, we perform a complete drying and deodorization process on everything using a specially patented system, leaving behind a clean and fresh scent, so no one will ever know you had a flooded basement.

Insurance paperwork is a snap 

If you’re filing a homeowner’s claim in Trenton Michigan, Downriver Cleanup & Restoration can assist. Our restoration experts have more than 20 years of experience processing and documenting flooded basements for such claims. We’ll handle the paperwork as well as any other necessary documentation and photos needed to expedite your reimbursement. Insurance papers are no problem for our knowledgeable team members.

Don’t delay, call right away 

Extensive water damage can be quite costly the longer you wait to deal with it. It’s not the type of problem you can handle yourself unless you are licensed and certified in water restoration and water extraction. We’re the #1 restoration contractor in Downriver MI, so call us at 734-619-7610 to get started. We pride ourselves on being completely thorough, and all our services are satisfaction guaranteed and come with a warranty.  Our residential and commercial inspections are totally free, so there’s no obligation to sign any contract or agreement. We’re specially trained to identify bacteria in standing water, and are knowledgeable about the harmful effects it can have on humans, in particular infants and seniors. So, the sooner you schedule your consultation, the sooner you’ll be able to eradicate excess water in your home. By properly taking care of and maintaining your property in Trenton Michigan, you’ll be protecting its value as well as your family’s health.

Carpet cleaning and more also offered

We also take care of pet stain removal, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning for your convenience. Most ordinary cleaning solutions and vacuum cleaners don’t have the high powered strength as ours at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration. Our water damage technicians are always friendly, helpful and prompt when you call, and can answer any of your concerns. Don’t let a flooded basement ruin your home and property. Call Downriver’s best in your neighborhood, we are recognized for having the best customer service in your town.  For more information, take a look at our website at https://downriverrestoration.com.  You’ll learn more about our one-stop insurance claims assistance, as well as superb water removal and restoration services. For an extra fee, you can add on our carpet stain or pet stain removal services, and upholstery cleaning services. When our technicians leave your home, everything will be 100% freshly scented, dry and clean, with no signs of excess water or mold. We are mold removal specialists, and guarantee there will be no mold on your property after our services are performed. Rest easy and don’t panic, contact our experienced experts to take care of the problem for you. We’re endorsed by the IICRC, certified, insured and licensed to offer all of our services.



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