Water damage Grosse Ile Michigan

Water damage Grosse Ile Michigan


If you’ve ever had a flooding emergency in your home, you know how time consuming and costly it can be, not to mention an extremely hazardous situation. Whether it’s a water emergency on a smaller basis in your kitchen or bathroom due to broken pipes, or a larger flood in your basement that affects your belongings and flooring, either one can be devastating. One thing you don’t want to do as a homeowner is to remove excess water without the proper training and equipment. That’s why you need to call in the professionals at Downriver Restoration. For more than 20 years, our experts have been responding to water damage in Grosse Ile Michigan and other downriver communities, safely and efficiently.


Certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a leading global restoration and cleaning organization, we’ve got the training and experience necessary to take care of the job properly. If you have a plumbing emergency due to a faulty sump pump or broken pipes, we partner with the best plumbing contractors in the area, so you’ll get all the help you need.


Flood damage is a big deal


As soon as water floods your home, the clock starts ticking. Minute by minute, as water spreads, so does harmful bacteria, including mold and other hazardous organisms. These organisms thrive in moist environments, and they can cause serious health issues, especially for those with weak lungs or breathing problems. Therefore, it’s critical for you to get help removing the water ASAP. Flooding can ruin your flooring, causing dry rot. It can also damage your upholstery, carpeting, and furniture. Downriver Restoration offers a service which will thoroughly extract all excess water from your home, as well as clean and sanitize areas that need it. We are the experts and water removal and extraction in Grosse Ile MI. Attempting to remove standing water is dangerous. You can be electrocuted and also risk exposure to deadly bacteria, so it’s simply not worth the risk. Flooding can cause thousands of dollars in damage, but if you call a professional restoration contractor, you can save quite a bit because they’ll be able to salvage furniture and flooring, you’d have to toss in the trash.


State-of-the-art extractor is key


Professionally certified and licensed restoration companies use specialize water extractors, which aren’t available to the general public. They can only be owned and operated by specially trained restoration companies and experts. These extractors can remove many gallons of water in minutes, followed by a proprietary drying and sanitization process that leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. You won’t even know you had a flood after Downriver Restoration works our magic. Dealing with flood damage and cleanup in Grosse Ile Michigan can be a nightmare if you don’t know who to call. It’s best to call a credible, licensed company like ours to ensure your home will be restored to its original state. Downriver Restoration offers:


  • Endorsed and highly rated by the Better Business Bureau
  • Family owned and operated
  • On call and available to handle flooding emergencies 24/7
  • Free consultations and estimates
  • Direct insurance billing and assistance with paperwork to speed up claims
  • We’ll arrive at your home in 60 minutes or less
  • Friendly and helpful restoration advisors


Fast and efficient


We’ve got the best equipment on hand to get rid of your water problem, so we can prevent water and mold damage. Initially, our moisture detectors identify water that needs to be removed and extracted. Next, we use high-powered industrial water extractors and dehumidifiers to force water out of affected areas. Our high-velocity dryers work from the ground up, to dry everything including flooring and subflooring. Our technicians work quickly and efficiently to remove flood damage in Grosse Ile MI. We all know time is money – literally – because the longer you wait to remove water in your home, the more time it can create water damage, resulting in more money required to remove it. Standing water in your basement and crawlspace can be hard to see, let alone remove, and downright dangerous if you don’t have the proper training and equipment. Don’t risk your health – call our experts to take care of the problem.

Don’t fret about finances


Dealing with a flooding emergency in your home is a hassle all by itself. The last thing you need to worry about on top of that is how you’ll pay for water removal. Our company prides itself on helping homeowners with easy credit applications and affordable financing options. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure your home is restored like new without the added element of high cost. If you’re eligible for insurance reimbursement, our claims experts will help you with everything you need to ensure you’ll get the highest compensation possible for your home emergency. Cost should never be a barrier to water extraction and restoration for property owners. We’re totally affordable, and all our restoration and water removal services are guaranteed, so you won’t need to handle any issues on your own. We pledge to assist you with any financing issues so you can get your water emergency handled instantly, with no delays due to budgetary constraints. We’re here to help you and answer all our questions.



All this and carpet cleaning, too


Removing and discarding carpeting affected by a flood can be hard work, not to mention expensive. Downriver Restoration offers a complete carpet cleaning service, allowing us to totally extract all excess water from your carpeting, drying it completely and sanitizing it, too. We leave it with a refreshing, clean scent so it’ll look better than it did before the flood! It will be totally deodorized, free of stains and odors. You’ll be impressed by our unique carpet cleaning process, and it only takes minutes to complete. We can also do the same for your upholstered furniture, so you won’t have to discard it with the trash. We’ll do our best to salvage your beloved treasures if they’re covered with fabric or carpeting, and our services are guaranteed to be gentle and efficient. Don’t let water damage ruin all you’ve accumulated over the years – let us save the day by extracting water and cleaning these critical items.



Get rid of harmful bacteria immediately


If water enters your home due to a broken sewer, you and your family could be exposed to mold, E Coli, pesticides, and other deadly bacterial organisms. That’s why you should call Downriver Restoration immediately so we can quickly remove all standing water, including mold and bacteria. Breathing in these organisms can do serious damage to your lungs and other organs, so it’s imperative to get it handled right away. We offer fast and free consultations and appointments and can arrive fast to handle your water emergency immediately. Give us a call at 734-619-7610 and one of our friendly advisors will get you taken care of. You’ll always be our top priority, that’s why we’re the #1 water damage restoration contractor in Grosse Ile Michigan and other downriver cities.  Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages and read our positive customer reviews. We’re proud to receive so many customer referrals – when you call us, you become part of our family.

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