Allen Park Michigan


If you have a concern about mold in your commercial or residential property in Allen Park, Michigan, it’s a good idea to call the professionals at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration. We’ve been super busy since the flooding over the summer, assisting customers with mold remediation, water removal, and water damage. Many customers were simply overwhelmed with all the rain and flooding in their basements, leaving them stuck with water-logged furniture and mold in their basements. The highly trained professionals at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration are recognized in Allen Park, Michigan as Downriver’s #1 Mold Removal Experts. For a limited time, we are now offering free, no-obligation Mold Inspections for all customers in Allen Park, Michigan. Using high-tech equipment created to detect the presence of mold, we evaluate your home or business from top to bottom. Mold molecules are accurately measured and recorded, and the results are printed on an Official Mold Inspection Report for your convenience. We will then sit down with you to discuss your options, and if mold is detected, we can promptly remove it from your residence or company. We are the experts at removing water, drying, cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing all areas affected. Once completed, you can go back to enjoying life as usual before mold impacted your property and air quality.


If you have any furniture or carpet that received water damage or mold damage, we can also help with that as we are now offering carpet and upholstery cleaning services. There’s no need to throw away your valuable furniture or carpeting thanks to the cleanup technicians at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration. Certified by the IICRC, the leading authority in the industry, we are 100% successful at removing mold and water from your property. Our licensed, insured professionals leave everything dry, refreshed, and smelling like new once we’ve finished our specialized cleaning processes.


In addition to eradicating mold and water damage from your property, we also have expertise in smoke removal, smoke residue removal, fire restoration, roof ice dam removal, carpet and upholstery cleaning.


If you have an insurance claim that needs to be processed, we have a handy 24/7 Insurance Claim Center that will assist you with all of your insurance claim needs. We will document any water damage we find, take photographs, and submit all the necessary documents to your insurance company so you can be compensated quickly.


Mold is a very serious problem that can be threatening to your health and safety. Those with asthma or other upper respiratory issues are more susceptible to an adverse reaction when exposed to mold or mildew growth. You can find out more about this hazard by reading this bulletin from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Mold should not be examined or handled by anyone that is not a licensed, insured mold removal professional. We take your health very seriously, which is why we ask you to remain in a mold-free area of your home or business while we safely remove all impacted areas.


You can rest assured that Downriver Cleanup & Restoration will respond to your property emergency within 30 minutes, year-round. We know every second counts when it comes to removing these harmful organisms from your property, which is why we are ranked #1 for Emergency Response, Cleanup & Restoration. It’s our business to make sure your house or company in Allen Park is mold-free and safe, your health is top priority to us. If mold is an issue for you, call us at 734-619-7610 and we will schedule a convenient time to inspect your property. Visit our website at to learn about all of our services, and read about our money-back guarantee. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and friend us – also check us out on Twitter.